Louth Town Council - Working with the community to make Louth a better place to live and work


We currently have one vacancy in the North Holme Ward.


To find out who your Ward Councillor is:

1. Go to the Ward Maps for Louth to find out which ward you are in.

2. Click on each ward to either show or hide the area (coloured areas).
3. Click on the name of the Ward on the Key, it will show who the Ward Councillors are.
4. Return to this page to find the Councillors. Clicking on each Councillor’s photo will bring up their contact details in a new page.

Councillors work for the betterment of Louth, its residents and businesses. They listen to local concerns and give residents a voice on the decisions the Council makes, as well as liaising with the District and County Councils.

Each Councillor is dedicated to a particular area in the town, called a Ward, and there are seven Wards, each one represented by three Councillors. Check which Ward you are in on our Louth Ward Map.

Along with Full Council Meetings there are four Committees: Planning, Governance and Finance, Community Resources and Personnel.