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The Louth Cottage Garden and Allotment Association manage the allotments in Louth on behalf of the Louth Town Council.

The association is made up of 4 sites around the town, these are situated on:

  •  London Road
  • Trinity Lane
  • Charles Street
  • Mount Olivet.

There are plots of varying sizes ranging from mini-plots, ¼plots, ½plots to full plots, which are a standard 250m sq size. (Not all plot sizes are available at every site though).

Rent for a full plot is £30, ½ plot £17, ¼ plot £10.50 and mini plot £8 for the year (April – March) and includes rent, subscription fees to the National Allotment Society and water charges.

If you are interested in renting an allotment please contact Pauline Oakes who is the Association Secretary on 07958 771676. It may be that there aren’t any vacancies available when you enquire but we do operate a waiting list so it might only be a matter of waiting until something comes up.

The Association arranges for an annual competition to take place each year whereby plots are judged and prizes awarded. The presentation for these takes place at the AGM in February, the competition is open to all plot holders.

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