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Planning Meeting Minutes 22nd September 2020

09-22-20 PLAN MINS





Present                                               Councillor S. Crew (SC), (in the chair).


Councillors:      Mrs. E. Ballard (EB), J. Baskett (JB), M. Bellwood (MB), L. Cooney (LMC), A. Cox (AC),  D. Ford (DF), J. Garrett (JG), D.J.E. Hall (DJEH), D. Hobson (DH), G.E. Horton (GEH), A. Leonard (AL), Mrs. S.E. Locking (SEL), Mrs. J. Makinson-Sanders (JMS), J. Simmons (JS), Mrs. P.F. Watson (PFW) and D. Wing (DEW).


Councillors not present: H. Filer (HF), D. Jackman (DJ), K. Norman (KN) and F.W.P. Treanor (FWPT).


The Town Clerk, Mrs. L.M. Phillips and the Town Clerk’s Assistant, Mrs. M.C. Vincent were also present.


116.      Apologies for Absence
Apologies for absence were received from Councillors: HF, KN and FWPT.


117.      Declarations of Interest / Dispensations
The following declarations of interest were made:

a.       Cllr. DH – Planning application 1 as a director of another school in the town and planning application 4 as known to the directors of company applying.

b.      Cllrs. Mrs. JMS and DJEH – items 4, 5 and 6 as members of ELDC.

c.       Cllr. AL – Planning application 6 and planning application 8 as known to the applicants through business and planning application 12 as known to the applicant.

d.      Cllr. Mrs. EB – Planning application 8 as known to the applicant.

e.       Cllr. LMC – Planning application 1 – would be speaking on behalf of former employer 24/7.


118.      Minutes
It was RESOLVED that the notes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 25th August 2020 be approved as the Minutes.

NB: Cllr. DEW joined the meeting at 7.07pm following the approval of Minutes.


119.      Applications received by the Local Planning Authority
The Committee considered all planning applications received, including those listed on the schedule (PA/Schedule 09-22-20) and RESOLVED as follows:

a.       N/105/01310/20 – Eastfield House – Objected to this application on the grounds of overintensification. It was also concerned about traffic generation and access and highway safety onto an already busy road. It felt that this is not a residential area, due to its proximity with the Fire Station and it was concerned about the loss of trees, heritage and ecological habitats. It was also concerned about flood risk as Eastfield Road is known to suffer already.

b.      N/105/01451/20 Brackenborough Arms – Objected for the following reasons:

i)        Access and Highway Safety / Traffic Generation: The Brackenborough Hotel is currently reached via a rural, single track, narrow and winding lane accessed off of the A16 at a point where bends in the A16 make visibility difficult and render both the A16 and general access and egress to and from the Brackenborough Hotel dangerous.  LTC are concerned about the amount of traffic that will be generated by this large development and they are alarmed at the lack of pedestrian access e.g., footpaths from the site into town and would point out that as there is no footpath from the development into Louth pedestrians will be forced to place their lives at risk walking on the side of the very busy A16 especially on the blind double bends.  The area has a history of accidents.  LTC do not believe that encouraging visitors to walk into town through the Industrial Estate is a viable solution and would welcome positive action to remedy this situation.  LTC are also worried that the plans show access onto a public footpath at the back of the site.  However, LTC are aware that this is not a public footpath, it is actually privately owned and LTC has been informed that the owners do plan to use the land in the future.

ii)      Overbearing Nature of Proposal / Noise and Disturbance: LTC feel that this is too big a development for the area and will threaten the ambiance of the neighbourhood which currently enjoys the benefits of a quiet rural location.  LTC feel the proposed layout is too cramped and that 116 holiday lodges is far too many.

iii)    Adequacy of Drainage / Flooding: LTC is concerned that this proposal along with other planned developments in the area (240 houses on the corner of Brackenborough Road) will render the mains drains in the area unable to cope with the increase in their use.

c.       N/105/01559/20 Meridian House – objected as were of the opinion that this ground floor, town centre location was purpose built for use as offices and it is not suitable for turning into flats.  LTC are disappointed that the proposals will reduce the availability of office premises in the town centre.  LTC would like to see evidence which supports this proposal, proving that there is no need for office space in town.  LTC were also under the impression that it is ELDC’s policy to allow the conversion of upper floors only and not ground floors to living accommodation.  LTC believe that this building was built using funds obtained via a grant from the EMDA and therefore, LTC wonder if these changes are permitted under the rules of that grant funding.  LTC feel that ELDC’s rule which states that significant amounts of objections must be received by them before an application will be placed before the planning committee should not apply in this case as there are few neighbours in the vicinity to be consulted and to object.

d.      All other planning applications were supported.


120.      Planning Correspondence

a.       ELDC Planning Decisions

i)        Approved – N/105/01211/20 – Planning Permission – 38 Priory Road. LTC made no comment.

ii)      Approved – N/105/00994/20 – Planning Permission – Louth Cattle Market. LTC supported.

iii)     Approved – N/105/01087/20 – Planning Permission – 46 Newmarket. LTC supported.

iv)     Approved – N/105/01192/20 – Planning Permission – 1 Newton Terrace. LTC supported.

v)      Approved – N/105/00801/20 – Planning Permission – The Paddocks, 114 Horncastle Road. LTC supported.

vi)     Approved – N/105/00571/20 – Planning Permission – Land off Fanthorpe Lane. LTC supported.

vii)   Approved – N/105/01106/20 – Planning Permission – 50 Kenwick Road. LTC supported.

viii) Approved – N/105/01166/20 – Planning Permission – 18 Stainesway. LTC supported.

ix)     Approved – N/105/00881/20 – Section 73 application – Playing Field off Julian Bower. LTC supported.

x)       Approved – N/092/00579/20 – Hybrid Planning Application – Land North of Nottingham Road, Fairfield Ind. Est. LTC had no objections.

xi)     Approved – N/105/01169/20 – Planning Permission – 20 Stainesway. LTC supported.

b.      Enforcement Notifications

i)        Location: Hallam’s Close, Julian Bower – Following complaint, ELDC has written to the owner as planning regulations have not been complied with.

ii)      Location: 119 Eastfield Road – ELDC confirmed breach of planning control classed as diminimus and therefore no further action taken.

c.       Temporary Traffic Restrictions

i)        ORGANISATION RESPONSIBLE – Telec Utilities
Road closure on Church Street, Newmarket to Mount Pleasant between 26th -30th October 2020

ii)      ORGANISATION RESPONSIBLE – Anglian Water Services Ltd
Road closure on Kenwick Road between A157 and a point 500m north – between 19th -23rd October 2020

iii)     ORGANISATION RESPONSIBLE – Northern Powergrid
Road closure on Charles Street 16m and 65m south of Hawthorne Ave – between 19th-26th October 2020

Road closure on High Holme Road, B1520 to Broadbank between 5-7th October 2020

d.      Other correspondence
LCC have approved an application for a Café Licence by Montebello, Louth.



121.     Proposed Works to Trees
The following proposed works were noted:

a.    Location: 242 Eastgate – Proposal: T1 – Bird Cherry – Crown reduce by 1.5-2m.

b.    Location: Aswell Lodge, 65 Crowtree Lane – Proposal: T1 – Silver Birch – Fell.  T2 Norwegian Spruce – Fell.  T3 – Ornamental Cherry Plum – Remove sucker shoots and lower branches.

c.     Location: 36 St. Marys Lane – T1 – Yew – Crown lift to 2m above ground level.  Crown reduce by approx. 2m on car bay side and 0.75-1m on pavement side.


122.     Next Meeting
The Committee noted that the date of the next scheduled Planning Committee meeting was 20th October 2020.



The Meeting Closed at 8:05pm.