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Minutes of Planning Meeting 15th December 2020

12-15-20 PLAN MINS





Present                                               Councillor S. Crew (SC), (in the chair).


Councillors:      Mrs. E. Ballard (EB), J. Baskett (JB), M. Bellwood (MB), L. Cooney (LMC), A. Cox (AC), H. Filer (HF), D. Ford (DF), J. Garrett (JG), D.J.E. Hall (DJEH), D. Hobson (DH), G.E. Horton (GEH), D. A. Leonard (AL), Mrs. S.E. Locking (SEL), Mrs. J. Makinson-Sanders (JMS), K. Norman (KN), J. Simmons (JS), F.W.P. Treanor (FWPT), Mrs. P.F. Watson (PFW) and D. Wing (DEW).


NB: Cllr. Mrs EB arrived at 7:22pm


Councillors not present: Cllr. D. Jackman (DJ).
The Town Clerk, Mrs. L.M. Phillips and the Town Clerk’s Assistant, Mrs. M.C. Vincent were also present.


207.      Apologies for Absence
Cllr. Mrs. EB may be a little late to the meeting.


208.      Declarations of Interest / Dispensations
The following declarations of interest were made:

a)      Cllr. GEH – Planning application 2 as knows developer, although he has not made the application.

b)      Cllr. Mrs. JMS – Planning application 2 as known to the applicant.

c)       Cllrs. DJEH – planning items as a member of ELDC Planning Committee.

d)      Cllr. AL – Planning applications 4 as known to the applicant.

e)       Cllr. Mrs. PFW – Planning application 4 as applicant known to her family.


209.      Minutes
It was RESOLVED that the notes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 17th November 2020 be approved as the Minutes.


210.      Applications received by the Local Planning Authority
The Committee considered all planning applications received, including those listed on the schedule (PA/Schedule 12-15-20) and RESOLVED as follows:

a)        N/105/02010/20- Land off Legbourne Road –Objected on the grounds of flooding.  Historically, this is an area which has frequently flooded.  The Town Council are aware that ELDC have spent a considerable amount in recent years on attempting to alleviate problems caused by surface water run-off in the area, to little effect.  It is felt that the proposed attenuation pond may be in the wrong place and is too small for likely water capture.  There is also no evidence of a culvert to drain water off when full and there is no information about who will maintain the attenuation pond.  The Council are aware that there are other ponds in the town, example at Stutte Close, where no maintenance has been evident since building and culvert now completely overgrown and unable to function.  The Council is also aware that that the site owner has developed other land where the attenuation facilities have not been maintained as agreed.  The Council would like to see the developer commit to a ten year plan for maintenance of culverts and water management on site.  SUDs plan not evident.  There should be no problem with the proposed layout if a SUDs scheme is properly implemented.  The Council understands that the EA are doing a full study of the water runoff in the area following problems with Stewton Beck.  This development will also run additional water into Stewton Beck increasing the problems.  Finally, were this application to be granted permission the Town Council would like to see an electrical charging point installed on all houses to meet green expectations for the future, as a matter of best practice.

b)        N/105/02255/20 Former Quarry, Upgate – objected on the grounds that it feels that important investigations must be carried out before any further work is carried out.  The Council would be particularly unhappy to see the existing hedging removed to be replaced by laurel.  The Council would request that if the existing hedging must be removed it be replaced like for like.  The current type of hedging is far better suited to encouraging biodiversity and is far more aesthetically pleasing on what is an important approach to the town.  The Council would also particularly not like to see condition 14 removed.  This site was previously a tip and a quarry and the Council is concerned about what substances might be buried in the area.

c)         N/105/02176/20 – 9 Bartongate – objected on the grounds that the proposals will leave the dwelling with no green space and less than 19m clearance between it and the already accepted permissions given to the site behind.

d)        N/105/01942/20 – plot at Rowsar – it was agreed there was not enough information and so the Council were not equipped to make a decision.

e)         All other planning applications were supported.


NB: Cllr. Mrs EB arrived at 7:22pm during the discussion of planning application 2 and therefore did not vote on the first two applications.


211.      Planning Correspondence
The following correspondence was noted.

a)      ELDC Planning Decisions

i)        Approved – APP/D2510/D/20/3256643– Planning Permission Appeal – 54 Westgate – LTC Objected

ii)      Approved – LCC – PL/009/20 – Planning Permission – St Bernard’s School, Wood Lane – LTC supported but requested one-way system considered

iii)     Approved – ELDC – N/105/01928/20 – Planning Permission – 16 Ashley Road – LTC Supported

iv)     Approved – ELDC – N/105/01825/20 – Section 73 – Luda Barns, Keddington Corner, Louth – LTC Supported

v)      Approved – ELDC – N/105/01613/20 – Planning Permission – 6 Northgate – LTC Supported

vi)     Approved – ELDC – N/105/01690/20 – Planning Permission – 15 David Avenue – LTC Supported

vii)   Approved – ELDC – N/105/01697/20 – Planning Permission – 59 Wallis Road – LTC Supported

viii) Approved – ELDC – N/105/01591/20 – Planning Permission – 28 Bradley Close – LTC Supported

ix)     Approved – ELDC – N/105/01632/20 – Planning Permission – 3 Westmour Units, Warwick Road – LTC Supported

x)       Approved – ELDC – N/105/01458/20 – Planning Permission – 3 Gospelgate – LTC Supported

xi)     Approved – ELDC – N/105/00981/20 – Section 73 – Former Julian Bower Playing Fields – LTC Objected

xii)   Approved – ELDC – N/105/01624/20 – Consent to Display – Starbucks, Bolingbroke Road – LTC Supported.

xiii) Refused – ELDC – N/105/01913/20 – Consent to Display – 152-154 Eastgate – LTC Objected

xiv) Approved – ELDC – N/105/01816/20 – Planning Permission – Pocklington Renault, North Holme Road – LTC Supported

b)      Enforcement

i)        Location:  17 Mercer Row – vinyl to shop stall riser and facia – ELDC written to inform them of breach of planning control.

ii)      Location: 14 Westgate –  installation of satellite dish – being investigated by ELDC.

c)        Temporary Traffic Restrictions

i)        ORGANISATION RESPONSIBLE – MLP Traffic Ltd – Northgate between Eastgate and a point 25m North) on 17/1/2021

ii)      ORGANISATION RESPONSIBLE – Anglian Water – Charles Street (Between 30m and 65m south of Hawthorne Avenue) between 12/1/21 and 14/1/21


212.     Proposed Works to Trees
The following proposed works were noted:

a)       Location: Location: 18 Blue Stone Rise – Proposal: T3 – Lime – Current height 17m and spread 10m; raise canopy by 7m and reduce lower western canopy by approximately 2m to suitable growth points – Reasons: To allow more light into the garden.

b)      b. Location: 32B Westgate – Proposal: T1 – Apple – Remove – Reasons: Low amenity value.

c)       c. Location: 32B Westgate – Proposal: G1 – 2 x Willow – Fell – Reasons: Showing signs of decay.


213.      Waiting Restrictions Consultation
It was RESOLVED to support waiting restrictions on both Westgate and Upgate.


214.     Next Meeting
The Committee noted that the date of the next scheduled Planning Committee meeting was 19th January 2021.


The Meeting Closed at 7:54pm.



Signed_______________________ (Chairman)              Dated________________________