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Minutes of Personnel 16th February 2021




Present:        Councillor Mrs. J. Makinson Sanders (JMS) (in the chair).


Councillors: Mrs. E. Ballard (EB), S Crew (SC), G.E. Horton and D. Wing (DEW).


Councillors not present: None.


The Town Clerk, Mrs. L.M. Phillips, the Town Clerk’s Assistant, Mrs. M. Vincent, Cllrs.: J. Baskett, A. Cox, L. Cooney, D. Ford, D.J.E Hall and J. Simmons were also in attendance.


265.      Apologies for Absence


266.      Declarations of Interest / Dispensations
Cllr. Mrs. JMS-  that a family member worked in HR.


267.      Minutes
It was RESOLVED that the notes of the Personnel Committee Meeting held on 1st December 2020 be approved as the Minutes.


268.      Annual Review of Policies
The Committee reviewed the following policies, made amendments as required and approved them for use:

a.       Recruitment and Selection Policy – remove 3.15 and change 4.14. to 4.9, 5.1 Replace Criminal Records Disclosure with DBS, 10.2 Remove (Only to be used if there are any significant intrinsic risks involved in the post which is being filled).10.5 Remove (BACs Payments).

b.      Sickness Absence Policy – No amendments.

c.       Use of Council Email/Internet Policy and Procedure – No amendments.

d.      Drugs and Alcohol Policy and Procedure – under procedure change ‘The use of illegal drugs or alcohol’ to ‘The use of alcohol or illegal drugs’.

e.       Councillor/Employee Protocol – 5i – bracket closes in wrong place. 6b change ‘advise’ to ‘advice’.

f.        Health and Safety Policy – No amendments.

g.       Lone Working Policy – No amendments.

h.      Safeguarding Policy – last sentence ‘Councillors will be referred to the Monitoring Officer’ add word ‘also’ so reads ‘Councillors will also be referred to the Monitoring Officer’.


269.      Closed Session Item
It was RESOLVED to move into Closed Session in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act) 1960 due to the business to be discussed in the following item, information being of a confidential and sensitive nature in relation to personnel matters.

a.       It was RESOLVED that there should be a Financial Re-evaluation of the maintenance jobs at the Cemetery in line with other local authorities.

b.      The committee RESOLVED on measures to thank the volunteer and that the recommendation be put to the Community Resources Committee for funding approval.


It was RESOLVED to move out of Closed Session.


270.      Next Meeting
The Committee noted that there was no further scheduled Personnel Committee meetings in 2020/21.



The Meeting Closed at 10.01pm.



Signed_______________________ (Chairman)                Dated_________________________