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Mayor's Message on second Lockdown

Message from the Mayor of Louth


“This year has been a challenging one for so many in our community for so many reasons. We have endured hardships such as not being able to see family members and friends or spend time with them in the way that we would ordinarily have taken for granted. For many, there have, and continue to be, difficulties whether they be financial, emotional or physical.

“One thing that has continually heartened me as Mayor of Louth is the way in which so many in our area have pulled together for the greater good. As we head into the second lockdown period of the year, I have high hopes that as a community we can continue to work together to make sure that everyone in our society has the support that they need. We must keep working together throughout this month and beyond and stick to the guidelines; not just for our own wellbeing but in order to keep our loved ones, friends and the rest of our town safe and healthy.

“It is vitally important that we follow the basics that have been reiterated to us throughout this year – maintaining social distancing when we are outside of our homes or support bubbles, ensuring compliance with face coverings and sustaining good hygiene, plus making sure that we both look after ourselves as well as checking on our friends, family and neighbours in a safe manner. In recent months it’s perhaps fair to say that ensuring good mental health has never been such a priority for many people. A simple act of kindness, a phone call asking someone how they are will go a long way to keeping spirits up in the weeks ahead. After all, no one knows what others might be going through and a little compassion could so easily make a difference to them.

“We have heard so much in recent weeks about the effects on our children and the most vulnerable in our society of not being able to feed and look after themselves through financial difficulties. We are incredibly fortunate in Louth to have a dedicated team of volunteers who do sterling work running the town’s community larder. They have seen unprecedented demand for assistance this year and stand by to help out those in our area who might need an extra helping hand in these difficult times.

“It’s understandable that you may feel a sense of unease or trepidation about the weeks ahead however I urge all of Louth’s residents to remain positive. We have a wonderful community in our town and by looking after each other, following the guidelines and supporting our fabulous local businesses wherever possible, I have full confidence that we will get through this latest challenge and be able to look forward to brighter times ahead.

For further help:

National Restrictions from 5/11/20:

Louth Community Larder Foodbank Monday to Friday 9am to 10am call 01507 605803

Urgent Health Issues – NHS 111

Lincolnshire confidential mental health and emotional wellbeing helpline 0800 001 4331

To request help from the community (Lincolnshire County Council helpline) call 01522 782189

ELDC Business support call 01507 601111

Louth Town Council website for Coronavirus signposting and local information