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Fly the Flag on Lincolnshire Day!

Fly the Flag on Lincolnshire Day!

The blue, green, red, and yellow of the Lincolnshire flag can be seen flown across the county on Lincolnshire Day (October 1st) and indeed throughout the year having been first flown in 2005 after a campaign and competition run by BBC Radio Lincolnshire – Yellowbelly, Michelle Andrews designed the winning creation.

The flag features a red cross edged in yellow, a yellow fleur-de-lys in the centre, on a background of green and blue quarters.


The red cross represents England, borrowing from the Saint George’s Cross which has been associated with the country since the 13th century.



The fleur de lys is the symbol of the City of Lincoln, featured on its Coat of Arms and emblazoned across the city. This relationship derives from the Diocese of Lincoln: the fleur-de-lys is the symbol for the St. Mary, patron saint of the city and Lincoln Cathedral.


Lincolnshire produces a significant amount of the UK’s food, and food and farming is the biggest economic industry in the county. Therefore, yellow represents the variety of crops grown in the county. A second reason for yellow is the nickname “Yellowbellies” given to people born and bred in Lincolnshire.


The blue parts of the background represents both the sea of the East coast and the ‘big skies’ across the county.

The Lincolnshire coast is responsible for much of the UK’s fish, and boasts a range of stunning natural coastline as well as exciting seaside resorts.


The green background symbolises the fields of the Lincolnshire Wolds and the Fens. The county is known for its beautiful landscapes – of big skies but also rolling hills. You are never far away from a beautiful, green view.