Louth Town Council - Working with the community to make Louth a better place to live and work

Annual Town Meeting – 18th April 2023


 Annual Meeting for the people of Louth,

to take place on Tuesday 18th April 2023 in the

Royal British Legion Hall, Northgate, Louth at 6.30pm




  1. Welcome from the Chairman, The Mayor of Louth

  2. Approve and sign the notes of the 2022 Annual Town
    Meeting as the minutes

  3. Brief Report on Mayor’s and Council’s Year

  4. Presentations from local community organisations:
    1. Cameron Watt on The Team Parish of Louth
    2. Louth Run for Life
    3. Lincolnshire Wolds Riding for the Disabled
    4. Louth Athletics Club
    5. Louth Navigation Trust
    6. 13+ Project
    7. Lighthouse


  • Floor will be opened to the public

  • Close Meeting


Town Councillors attend as parishioners at this meeting.


Members of the public making proposals will be scrutinised to establish their eligibility as electors of the parish.  NB this does not affect the rights of non-parishioners to attend the meeting.