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Minutes for the Planning Committee Meeting 21st February 2023

02-21-23 PLAN MINS






Present                                               Councillor S. Crew (SC) (in the chair).


Councillors:    Mrs. E. Ballard (EB), J. Baskett (JB), M. Bellwood (MB), L.M. Cooney (LMC), H. Filer (HF), D.J.E. Hall (DJEH), D. Hobson (DH), G.E. Horton (GEH), M. Lamb (ML), A. Leonard (AL), Mrs. S.E. Locking (SEL), Mrs. J. Makinson-Sanders (JMS). K. Norman (KN), B. O’Brien (BO), J. Simmons (JS), P. Starsmore (PS), Mrs. P.F. Watson (PFW), and D.E. Wing (DEW).

Councillors not present: J. Garrett (JG)

The Town Clerk, Mrs. L.M. Phillips and 23 members of the public were also present.


Members of the public spoke in the public forum as follows:

  • A resident of Wood Lane, directly across from the green space at Meridian Leisure Centre reported that they can currently hear balls hitting the fencing and noise from the skate park. They were concerned that a 3G pitch covering the current green area would restrict the use of the area to sports people only.  He was perturbed that the new 3G proposals placed a new fence nearer to his bedroom window than that now and opined that it would be intolerable and would adversely affect all in Wood Lane and Spire View Road.
  • A resident of Spire View Road reported that at present, when the Meridian Leisure Centre have an event on, Spire View Road becomes a parking lot as there is not enough parking at the centre. The gentleman was concerned about the noise survey, which he said did not seem realistic.  He also said the whole matter was a much broader problem and was an environment issue.  He was concerned that the proposal would mean that vital social space would be lost and use of the new 3G pitch would not be free so not everyone would be able to go and use it, it would be restricted to sports clubs and their members.  He was concerned that the Environmental Report which had been submitted played down the importance of the area and wondered what would happen in ten years time.  He thought it was a very expensive commitment for the future.
  • A third gentleman spoke making reference to the Adopted Local Plan Settlements Proposal, saying that the Railway Line, adjacent to the site of the new 3G pitch was recognized as a site of importance and it would be negatively affected by these proposals as trees would need to be cut/felled. He asked about S106 funding which he assumed the District Council must collect in large quantities and wondered where that money had gone.  He was concerned about noise pollution and reported that there were an increasing number of white elephant 3G pitches around the country that couldn’t be used during certain hours.  He informed those present that houses nearby would be closer to the new pitch than a goalkeeper would be to its striker.  He was of the opinion that the houses would have noise until 10pm which he felt was unacceptable.  He quoted others that who he had heard saying that they thought it was the wrong site but if it was now or never they’d take it and he believed that this was unacceptable for residents.  He thought that its installation would push kids to other parks and that that would be dangerous and he said that guidelines stated that there should be 2.4 hectares of open green space per 1000 residents and we were at 0.9 hectares.
  • A gentleman from Louth Town Football Club, also representing Louth Old Boys Football Club spoke saying that football was the biggest sport in the town. Louth Old Boys ran just short of 50 teams currently.  He said that there was a need for more pitches and that Louth was miles behind everywhere else but he and Louth Old Boys had told ELDC that it needed to commission a Pitch Strategy Report and if that were done they would support the proposals.  He reported that Magna Vitae had confirmed that the report had been started.  He said that Louth Town FC had the highest ranked team at the moment and it could only practice currently between 9pm and 10pm because of pitch availability which was not ideal.  He said that currently there were two Louth teams having to travel to Market Rasen to train and three having to use the Tennis Centre on the Industrial Estate.  He said that the clubs wanted to progress up the leagues but the facilities for that were just not there.  He explained that he, being suitably knowledgeable, had cut the grass of the current Wood Lane pitch/green space for the last few years to keep costs to a minimum and could vouch that its quality was not great.  Astro turf would be easier to look after.  He reported that as a club Louth Town would not use the pitch in the summer and he believed that neither Louth Town FC nor Louth Old Boys FC had enough teams to train late into the night.
  • Mrs. JMS urged everyone to send an individual letter to ELDC with their comments as it would be ELDC who made the decision. She reiterated that letters must be done individually so as to be counted separately and said that petitions would be counted as just one ‘vote’.  Cllr. GEH wondered what Louth Old Boys and Louth Town had done to bring pitches to Louth.  Cllr. Mrs. LMC said that the application stated that there were 4 possible sites.  She wondered why the 4 had not been looked into.  She did not think that the current proposals met inclusive and safe place criteria.
  • A member of the public spoke again saying that if the application was passed by ELDC he would crowd fund to take the matter to a judicial review. He had spoken to the FA.  He was saddened that the new pitch would offer no free sessions but would be pay to play.
  • Mrs. PFW believed that there was a form for environmental spaces such as this community space owned by ELDC that could be completed to confirm what the public would like to see happen to the space and that once that form had been completed nothing else could be done without the publics say so. Cllr. GEH was aware of a process through which residents could claim the land but he believed that if there was a planning application under consideration already it did not apply.  Finally, Cllr. Mrs. JMS reported that ELDC had not had an officer following up on S106 funds since 2019.
  • Apologies for Absence
    Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs. JG, DEW and JS.
  • Declarations of Interest / Dispensations
    The following declarations of interest were made:

    1. DJEH – agenda item 5 as a member of the ELDC Planning Committee.
    2. JMS – agenda items 5, 6, 7 as a member of ELDC.
    3. AL – agenda items 5, 6, 7 as a member of ELDC, PA3 as an acquaintance of the applicant.
  • Minutes
    It was RESOLVED that the notes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 31st January 2023 be approved as the Minutes.
  • Applications received by the Local Planning Authority
    The Committee considered all planning applications received, including those listed on the schedule (PA/Schedule 02-21-23) and RESOLVED as follows:

    1. N/105/00175/23 – Object on the grounds of: Adequate parking and servicing. Residents of Wood Lane and Spire View already report that users of the Meridian Leisure Centre regularly park on their roads as parking at the leisure centre is frequently oversubscribed.  The installation of this 3G pitch could require up to 80 extra parking spaces and will inevitably exacerbate the existing situation to the detriment of residents and general users of Wood Lane/St. Bernard’s Avenue, both extremely well used thoroughfares of the town.  Access and Highway Safety.  An increase in the frequency of and amount of on-street parking in the area surrounding the Meridian Leisure Centre causes considerable concern for the safety of pedestrians and vehicle users in the vicinity.  The visual hazard that this parking will present will negatively impact residents especially not to mention the myriad of children who visit the centre.  Traffic Generation.  By its nature it can be assumed that a 3G pitch will be used more than a grass pitch, in all weathers and at all times of the day.  This must mean that the amount of traffic generated on the site and in the surrounding area will be increased significantly as more users attend the site and it is felt that this is unfair to existing residents as well as unsuitable on an already heavily used thoroughfare, which infrastructure already struggles to cope.  Loss of trees/Public visual amenity.  These proposals will require the felling of established trees on the perimeter of the site which form a natural visual barrier for residents and are the leafy boundary of a public footpath and whose removal would have an undesirable impact on public visual amenity.  Loss of ecological habitats.  Felling of the trees on the perimeter of the site will result in the loss of ecological habitats and use of the pitch at all times of the day will scare away creatures.  Adequacy of drainage/Flood risk.  The Council is concerned that these proposals will cause surface water to be displaced which would previously have drained naturally into the soil.  This displacement could cause flooding in other areas, so having a detrimental effect on the surrounding area which is contrary to the NPPF.  Noise and Disturbance.  A 3G pitch which can be used more, in all weathers and at all times of the day including in the hours of darkness will necessitate further floodlights in the area, adding to light pollution and will create more disturbance in the form of noise produced by both users and spectators, both of which will adversely affect residents in the neighbouring area.  Louth Town Council vehemently believe that residents deserve quality of life and these proposals will not provide it.



  1. N/105/00213/23 – Object on the grounds of: Traffic Generation, Access and Highway Safety. Eastfield Road is a vital road into and out of the Town Centre.  It is already extremely busy, it is very narrow in places due to parked cars along its length at all times of the day and any increase in regular users, especially those accessing or exiting onto it regularly will inevitably have a detrimental effect on infrastructure that already struggles to cope and on the safety of residents, general users and pedestrians.  Vitality and Viability of Town Centres.  Louth Town Council believes that the existing building has a wealth of historical importance having been a private school, factory and home of former two times Mayor, Robert Norfolk in its past.  The building features in many articles and exhibits produced by Louth Museum.  The Town Council strongly believes that the front façade which is three-storeys high and originates from the 19th Century holds substantial architectural and historic significance and should be saved at all costs.  It contributes to the character, social, environmental and cultural value of the town and benefits the economy in the form of tourism.  Demolition of such historic assets can have severe detrimental effects and as such the Town Council would implore ELDC to ensure that the front façade is retained at the very least.
  2. To support all other applications.
  • Planning Correspondence
    The Committee considered and noted the following planning correspondence:

    1. ELDC Planning Decisions
      1. ELDC Approved – N/105/02275/22 – Planning Permission – 6 South Street – LTC Supported.
      2. ELDC Approved – N/105/02418/22 – Planning Permission – 57 Horncastle Road – LTC Supported.
  • ELDC Approved – N/105/02343/22 – Listed Building Consent – Alterations – Louth Methodist Church, Nichol Hill – LTC Supported.
  1. Temporary Traffic Restrictions
    1. Organisation responsible for restriction: Anglian Water
      Reason for restriction: New Connection
      Nature and location of restriction: Road closure Order – Northgate (Between Kiln Lane & Eve Street)
      Period of restriction: 26/02/2023 – 26/02/2023
      (Restrictions to be implemented for 1 days as and when required during this period, signage detailing accurate dates and times will be displayed on site in advance)
    2. Organisation responsible for restriction: Anglian Water
      Reason for restriction: Emergency – Burst main repairs
      Nature and location of restriction: Emergency Road closure Order – Northgate
      Period of restriction:14/02/2023 – 15/02/2023
      (Restrictions to be implemented for 1 days as and when required during this period, signage detailing accurate dates and times will be displayed on site in advance)
  • Organisation responsible for restriction: Anglian Water
    Reason for restriction: New connection
    Nature and location of restriction: Road closure Order – Westgate (Between B1200 & Schoolhouse Lane
    Period of restriction: 13/03/2023 – 15/03/2023
    (Restrictions to be implemented for 3 days as and when required during this period, signage detailing accurate dates and times will be displayed on site in advance)
  1. Organisation responsible for restriction: Anglian Water
    Reason for restriction: Emergency – Burst Main Repairs
    Nature and location of restriction: Emergency Road closure Order – George Street
    Period of restriction: 10/02/2023 – 16/02/2023
    (Restrictions to be implemented for 5 days as and when required during this period, signage detailing accurate dates and times will be displayed on site in advance)
  1. Enforcement
    1. Notification that ELDC will investigate a complaint that 61 Eastgate, LN11 9PL is an untidy Grade II listed building.
    2. Notification that ELDC will investigate a complaint that St. Michael’s Church Hall, 4 Mount Pleasant is an untidy building.
  • Notification that ELDC will investigate a complaint that 15A Cornmarket has installed security wall spikes and gate without planning permission within the conservation area.
  • Proposed Work to Trees
    The Committee considered the following proposed work to trees and had no comments to make:

    1. Location: 44 Westgate (conservation area) Proposal: T1 – Beech – Crown reduction, by shortening branches which are less than 3cm diameter, to achieve: (A) a height of no less than 11.0m when measured from ground level at the base of the stem, and (B) a crown radius of no less than 3.5m when measured from the outer edge of the stem to the outer edge of canopy. T2 – Yew – Crown reduction, by shortening branches, to achieve: A) a height of no less than 6.0m when measured from the ground level at the base of the stem, and B) a crown radius of no less than 1.5m when measured from the outer edge of canopy.  T3 – Plum – Crown lift, by removing lower branches, which are less than 3cm in diameter, to achieve a vertical clearance between lowest branches and the ground level of no more than 3.0m.  Remove approx., 3-4m from top and reduce side, going over neighbours’, back to the wall, then bring back to shape.
    2. Location: 127 Eastgate Proposal: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8 – Fell. Reasons: Restricted parking, affecting boundary fence and have low amenity value. 
  • Planning Working Group
    The Committee considered arrangements for the above and RESOLVED that meetings should continue on zoom. Councillors were encouraged to attend. 
  • Next Meeting
    It was noted that the date of the next scheduled Planning Committee meeting was 14th March 2023.




The Meeting Closed at 8.30pm.






Signed_______________________ (Chairman)                Dated_________________________