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Minutes for the Community Resources Committee 1st November 2022

11-01-22 CR MINS





Present                                            Councillor A. Leonard (AL), (in the chair).


Councillors:    Mrs. E. Ballard (EB), J Baskett (JB), M. Bellwood (MB), L. Cooney (LMC), S. Crew (SC),
D.J.E. Hall (DJEH), D. Hobson (DH), Mrs. S.E. Locking (SEL), Mrs. J. Makinson-Sanders (JMS),
K. Norman (KN) and B. O’Brien (BO).

Councillors not present: H. Filer (HF), D. Ford (DF), J. Garrett (JG), G.E. Horton (GEH), M. Lamb (ML),
J. Simmons (JS). Mrs. P.F. Watson (PFW) and D.E. Wing (DEW).

The Town Clerk, Mrs. L.M. Phillips and the Town Clerk’s Assistant Mrs. M.C. Vincent were also present.

  • Apologies for Absence
    Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs: HF, DF, JG, GEH, ML, JS, Mrs. PFW and DEW.
  • Declarations of Interest / Dispensations
  • Minutes
    It was RESOLVED that the notes of the Community Resources Committee Meeting held on 30th August 2022 be approved as the Minutes.

  • Tribute to Keyworkers
    It was noted that a bench and plaque have now been installed on the bank of the canal as previously agreed.
  1. The Town Clerk reported to the Council that the Rev’d Cameron Watt at St James’ Church had advised her that a Faculty would be required for a plaque to be installed on the wall of the church and that there would be an admin charge of £300 for this; he did also advise that it was unlikely that the request would be looked on favourably, and that instead a plaque could be attached to a sandstone box, which could be exhibited near to the toilets (where the exhibition boards are). Cllr. AL suggested that a sandstone box would be in the region of £1000 and that the location was not very good, that perhaps we should instead consider something else given the barriers; perhaps Councillors could look around the town to see if there were any other preferable locations and that an agenda item could be included at the next CR meeting.
  • Solar Christmas Trees
    The Town Clerk reported that she had put in an application to LCC for 16 solar trees in eight locations, mounted onto lampposts.  She had been informed by LCC that each lamppost would require an independent safety test (at LTC’s expense) and so she had emailed Cllr. Parkin asking if she might intervene to request that the permission cost of £36 per lamppost be waived and that help be given regarding the structural tests.  The Committee was of the general opinion that the lampposts should already be tested by LCC and therefore further tests should be surplus to requirement.  The Town Clerk reported that the Louth Independent Traders were unable to fund the cost of all the solar Christmas Trees but would contribute £400 towards them. The Switch On (when the solar trees would need to be installed for), was on Sunday 27th November 2022. The Town Clerk was hopeful that LCC would allow the solar trees to be installed without a further independent test on each lamppost and that if we were not able to order them soon, the company supplying them may have no stock available.
  • Closed Session Item
    It was RESOLVED to move into Closed Session in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 due to the business to be discussed in the following items, information being of a third party confidential nature. It was RESOLVED to approve that an application be made and signed to the Ministry of Justice for a licence to exhume cremated remains and reinter the same within London Road Cemetery following a request made to Louth Town Council, and further that the Town Clerk be given delegated authority to deal with the matter.
  • Next Meeting
    The Committee noted that the date of the next scheduled Community Resources Committee meeting was 31st January 2023.


The Meeting Closed at 8:30pm.



Signed_______________________ (Chairman)                Dated_________________________