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War Memorial in Louth

War Against Weeds in Louth Town Centre

29th July 2020
Louth Town Council would like to offer a huge THANK YOU to Lincolnshire County Council for their help in the war against weeds in Louth Town Centre.

Louth Town Council worked with Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) to find a solution following comments about the amount and size of weeds making Louth’s town centre look unkempt.

LCC are responsible for weed spraying along roadsides in the town and usually undertake two treatments per year but unfortunately some weeds, especially the more vigorous species, can be either unresponsive to treatment or grow rapidly prior to the weed treatment application.  In June, after the first of those treatments, it was apparent that some areas would benefit from further work.  The LCC Community Team, who manage LCC’s weed treatment programme came to Louth to assess the situation and agreed that further intervention to enable them to control the weed growth effectively going forward was required.  We are delighted to report that their contractor was instructed to remove all the mature weed growth within identified Louth Town Centre priority sites. All areas also received an additional weed treatment.  Due to budgetary constraints LCC were only able to concentrate on removing the most well established and robust weeds, so there are some areas where weeds are still evident but they are attempting to engage the Community Maintenance Gang to remove the weed debris after the final weed treatment of the year, which will take place soon.

Louth’s Mayor, Councillor Darren Hobson commented: “Working in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council has been of real benefit to our town centre’s appearance, and we look forward to keeping it looking tidy and clean as residents and visitors start to return to enjoy all that Louth has to offer”.

Louth Town Council is looking to continue this partnership working and it encourages everyone in the community to take pride in Louth to assist in both our town’s recovery coming out of lockdown and in retaining its title as the ‘Jewel in the Crown of the Lincolnshire Wolds’.

weeds removed from the town centre
skip of weeds removed from the town centre
Queen Street Louth showing flowers in July 2020
Queen Street