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Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting 5th April 2022




Present                                                Councillor S. Crew (SC) (in the chair)


Councillors:       Mrs. E. Ballard (EB), J. Baskett (JB), M. Bellwood (MB), L. Cooney (LMC), D. Ford (DF), D.J.E. Hall (DJEH), D. Hobson (DH), G.E. Horton (GEH), Mrs. S.E. Locking (SEL), Mrs. J. Makinson-Sanders (JMS), K. Norman (KN), B. O’Brien (BB) and J. Simmons (JS).

Councillors not present: H. Filer (HF), J. Garrett (JG), M. Lamb (ML), A. Leonard (AL), F.W.P. Treanor (FWPT) Mrs. P.F. Watson (PFW) and D.E. Wing (DEW).

The Town Clerk’s Assistant, Mrs. M.C. Vincent was also present.


  • Apologies for Absence
    Apologies for absence were received from Councillors: Cllrs. HF, JG, ML, AL, FWPT, PFW and DEW.
  • Declarations of Interest / Dispensations
    The following declarations of interest were made:

    1. Mrs. JMS – items 5, 6 and 7 as a member of ELDC
    2. DJEH – items 5 & 6 relating to ELDC and its Planning Committee
    3. Mrs. EB – PA 18,19 & 21 as member of Louth Arts Trail group, PA14 as Chair and Warden of KEVIASEC
    4. Mrs SEL – PA 14 as a Warden of KEVIASEC.


  • Minutes
    It was RESOLVED that the notes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 8th March 2022 be approved as the Minutes.
  • Active Travel Scheme
    Following a lengthy debate regarding the current situation on Mercer Row, which was impacting on Eastgate, Cornmarket and the Market Place, correspondence received from LCC and representations made to Louth Town Council by members of the public, it was RESOLVED that Louth Town Council should call a Public Meeting to facilitate the discussion of public opinion on the matter with relevant authority members, as follows:
  1. Lincolnshire County Council officers, Louth ward Councillors and portfolio holders,
  2. East Lindsey District Council officers, portfolio holders, and Louth ward Councillors
  3. Local business/ shop representatives,
  4. Parish Councils within a 7 mile radius
  5. Members of the public.NB:GEH left following this item at 9:42.
  • Applications received by the Local Planning Authority

The Committee considered all planning applications received, including those listed on the schedule (PA/Schedule 04-05-22) and RESOLVED as follows:

  1. N105/00461/22 – Westview, 97 Little Crowtree Lane – objected on the grounds that the road surface of Little Crowtree Lane is very poor and the road is unadopted. The Council considered these proposals to constitute garden grabbing, which it does not favour.  The proposals have poor access for services e.g., waste collection lorries.

Further development of the area will exacerbate existing problems in the road concerning bottlenecks etc.

  1. N105/00442/22 – 11a Broadbank – to leave to the Conservation Officer to decide.
  2. N/105/00511/22 & 00512/22 19 Upgate and N/105/00509/22 – 21 Upgate Support but to comment that LTC are disappointed that these two shops still haven’t been completed are still unoccupied and request an update on progress of the buildings.
  3. All other applications were supported.


  • Planning Correspondence
    The Council noted the following planning correspondence:

    1. ELDC Planning Decisions
      1. Approved – N/105/02614/21 – Consent to Display – Land at Lincoln Way – LTC supported with concerns
      2. Refused- N105/02665/21 – Planning Permission 30 Trinity Lane – It noted enforcement action concerns about the use of UPVC in the Conservation Area.
  • Approved – N105/02673 & 74/21 – 46 Westgate – LTC supported
  1. Approved – N105/00046/22 – 10 Davey Close – LTC continued to object
  2. Approved – N105/00020/22 – 190 Eastgate – LTC supported
  3. Approved – N105/02613/21 – Land at Lincoln Way – LTC supported with concerns
  • Approved – N105/02149/21 – Land at Grimsby Road – LTC objected
  • Approved – N105/00096/22 – 16 Kidgate – LTC supported
  1. Approved – N105/00055/22 – 96-98 Eastgate – LTC supported
  2. Approved – N105/02375/22 – 14 Gospelgate – LTC supported
  3. Approved – N105/02625/21 – Land at Lincoln – LTC supported with conditions
  • Approved – N105/00045/22 – Brackenborough Arms – LTC objected
  • Approved – N105/02495/21 – Plots 61 and 62 Bolingbroke Road – LTC supported
  • Approved – N105/00076/22 – 1 Brackeborough Road – LTC supported
    NB: During this item, Standing Orders were suspended due to the duration of the meeting continuing for longer than the restriction of 3 hours.
  1. Temporary Traffic Restrictions
    1. Location and Nature: Anglian Water, Emergency water connection – Eastgate 95 m west of Trinity Lane – 13/3/22-13/3/22 8am-6pm. Diversion and pedestrian access signposted.
    2. Location and Nature: Highways Safety Management, Poling Works – St Michael’s Road – 13/4/22 – Diversion and pedestrian access signposted.
  • Location and Nature: Event Organiser, Cocktail bar opening – Cornmarket and Butcher Lane – 16/4/22 – Diversion and pedestrian access signposted.
  1. Location and Nature: Lincolnshire County Council – Carriage way structural patching – A153 (between A16 louth bypass and A158 East Street Horncastle – 19/4/22-20/4/22 7am-6pm Diversion and pedestrian access signposted.
  1. Enforcement
    Notice of appeal dismissal – Hallam’s Close, Julian Bower
  2. ELDC Planning Committee
    Notice that N/105/02036/21 – Erection of a detached garage at 31 Stewton Lane will be presented to the ELDC Planning Committee on 7th April 2022. LTC supported this application on 9th November 2021 subject to any conditions that ELDC might impose.


  • Proposed Works to Trees
    The following tree work was noted: Location: 61 Horncastle Road Proposal: G5 – 5 Oak and 2 Sycamore – Dismantle and remove 3 no. Sycamore marked on plan. Reasons: G5 – to provide more light and space for Oak trees to prosper.
  • Next Meeting
    The Committee noted that the date of the next scheduled Planning Committee meeting was 10th May 2022.

The Meeting Closed at 10:10pm.



Signed_______________________ (Chairman)                Dated_________________________