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Minutes of Planning Meeting 30th June 2020

06-30-20 PLAN MINS






Present                                               Councillor S. Crew (SC), (in the chair).


Councillors:      Mrs. E. Ballard (EB), J. Baskett (JB), L. Cooney (LMC), A. Cox (AC), H. Filer (HF), D. Ford (DF), D.J.E. Hall (DJEH), D. Hobson (DH), G.E. Horton (GEH), D. Jackman (DJ), A. Leonard (AL), Mrs. S.E. Locking (SEL), Mrs. J. Makinson-Sanders (JMS), K. Norman (KN), J. Simmons (JS), F.W.P. Treanor (FWPT), Mrs. P.F. Watson (PFW) and D. Wing (DEW).

Councillors not present: J. Garrett (JG), M. Bellwood (MB).


The Town Clerk, Mrs. L.M. Phillips and the Town Clerk’s Assistant, Mrs. M.C. Vincent were also present.

27.          Apologies for Absence
Apologies for absence were received from Councillor: JG. It was noted that Councillors DJEH, GEH, AL and Mrs. JMS would be late.

NB: Cllr. AL joined the meeting at 7.08pm

28.          Declarations of Interest / Dispensations
The following declarations of interest were made:

a.       Cllr. DF – PA 2 as property is near to own property.


NB: Cllr. DF joined the meeting at 7.10pm adding his declaration of interest.


29.          Minutes
It was RESOLVED that the notes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 2nd June 2020 be approved as the Minutes.


NB: Councillors joined the meeting during discussion and voting of items on the Planning Schedule
Cllr. Mrs. JMS – during PA 3 at 7:15pm
Cllr. GEH – during PA 5 at 7:20pm

Cllr. DJEH – after PA 5 at 7:28pm


30.          Applications received by the Local Planning Authority

The Committee considered all planning applications received, including those listed on the schedule (PA/Schedule 06-30-20) and RESOLVED as follows:

a.       N/105/00692/20 – objected to this application on the grounds that use of the proposed materials has a detrimental effect on the Conservation Area.  LTC were of the opinion that this shop front would be eligible to receive a Shop Front Grant from ELDC which would enable the signage to be made from wood and hand painted, as the Conservation Area rules stipulate, thus enhancing the area and contributing to the aesthetic appeal of Louth Town Centre and the recovery of Louth as it emerges from lockdown following Covid-19 lockdown measures.

b.      N/092/01017/20 – objected to this application on the following grounds:
Social Housing – this application does not propose to deliver anywhere near policy compliant levels of affordable housing.

Housing Need – there are already enough houses planned to satisfy the 5 year need.  Therefore, this application is surplus to requirements.


Achieving Sustainable Development – LTC do not believe that Section 2 of the NPPF is met and this development will not support the generations to come and is not sustainable.
Adequacy of Amenities and Infrastructure – LTC does not believe that Louth’s existing amenities e.g., schools and dentists etc., will be able to support this large development.  LTC notes that the developers report states that we have a hospital, this is in fact, incorrect… we have an urgent care centre and only two doctors surgeries.  We have one youth centre that is only open for a few nights a week, charities have struggled in the pandemic and we have an older population that will need social care to be able to stay in their homes, thus putting pressure on councils for funding.  LTC feel that Louth cannot sustain further development as proposed when the research says, we are attracting an older population, that will need support in the future.  LTC is also concerned at the lack of water pressure in this area and where will the jobs come from for the people that live in these properties?
Access and Highway Safety / Traffic Generation – This development is accessed via heavily populated residential areas and is adjacent to other new planned developments.  It will significantly increase the risk of accidents in these areas and cumulatively these will generate exponential amounts of traffic.  It is estimated that this development alone will increase the number of cars using these routes by at least 500 cars.  Travel data from the Lincolnshire Research Observatory, East Lindsey reports that East Lindsey already has the highest percentage of Killed and Seriously Injured collisions in the country.

IAM RoadSmart has provided an update on the cost of road deaths to the public purse. In 2016 the cost to the national economy of Lincolnshire road casualties equated to approximately £187M.

Adequacy of Drainage – LTC is aware that this site has aquifers present beneath the ground and is concerned that these proposals do not meet the NPPF sections 149 and 150 and will cause water to move from one site to another thus exacerbating flooding in other areas.
Overbearing Nature of Proposal – LTC is concerned that this proposal constitutes over development of both this area and Louth as a whole and the encroachment into Fulstow Ward.

LTC would like ELDC to confirm why so many applications for new developments are being allowed to come through the system when the 5 year need is already satisfied.

c.       All other applications were supported.

31.          Planning Correspondence
The Committee noted the following planning correspondence:

a.       ELDC Planning Decisions circulated by email between 28th May 2020 and 24th June 2020

i)        Approved – N105/00682/20 – Planning Permission – 7 Victoria Road

ii)      Approved – N105/00547/20 – Outline Permission – Land at 52 St Mary’s Lane

iii)    Approved – N105/00175/20 – Planning Permission – Plot 58, Bolingbroke Road

iv)    Approved – N105/00701/20 – Planning Permission – 63 Charles Street

v)      Approved – N/105/00704/20 – Planning Permission – 102 Newmarket

vi)    Approved – N/105/00707/20 – Planning Permission – Units 7 and 8, Meridian House, 41 Eastgate.

b.      Road Closures circulated by email between 28th May 2020 and 24th June 2020
REASON FOR RESTRICTION:  Carriageway Resurfacing
LOCATION & NATURE OF RESTRICTION:  Road Closure Order in place on: St. Bernard’s Avenue (Eastfield Road to Broadley Crescent)
PERIOD OF RESTRICTION:  20/7/2020 to 24/7/2020 (Restrictions to be implemented as & when required during this period, signage detailing accurate dates & times will be displayed on site in advance)

c.       Withdrawn Planning Applications circulated between 28th May 2020 and 24th June 2020
N/105/00611/19 – LAND WEST OFF GRIMSBY ROAD – Outline erection of 70no units for over 55s senior living. (4th June 2020).

d.      Enforcement Notifications circulated between 28th May 2020 and 24th June 2020
Location: Park Avenue Football Ground, LN11 8BY, Nature of Investigation: Breach of condition 3 on planning permission ref. N/105/02435/16 concerning removal of the boundary hedge.  Details: An enforcement officer will visit the location to establish if a breach of planning legislation has taken place.



32.         Proposed Works to Trees
The following proposed tree work was noted.

a.       Location: El Dio, Stewton Lane.  Proposal: G2 – Group of 12 Cupressus Macrocarpa, 4 Austrian Pine, 2 Copper Beech, 1 White Beam, 4 Sitka Spruce – Cupressus (T2 on plan) – fell.  Pine (T3 on plan) – fell.  Reasons: T2 – deteriorating structural condition and probability of being a contributory cause of subsidence.  T3 – poor structural condition and if T2 is removed it will be exposed to increased wind loading.

b.      Location: 1 Temple Terrace.  Proposal: T1, T2, T3 – Sycamores – repollard to old stools – approx. 5m.

c.       Location: 6 Westgate.  Proposal: T1 – Yew – Lift lower canopy by approx. 1-2m, gradually shaping lower canopy onto the middle/upper canopy to appropriate growth points.

d.      Location: 143 Eastgate.  Proposal: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7 – Yew – reduce in height by 4m to approx. 5m.  Reduce canopy width by up to 2m.  T8, T9, T10, T11 – Holly and T12 – Goat Willow – Reduce in height from 9m to 5m and reduce canopy width to give 1.5m clearance from railings.


33.         Street Naming
It was RESOLVED to agree to name the road serving the development comprising of 1 no. new road and 10 no. new dwellings (Phase 2) on land adjacent playing field, Julian Bower as Roman Way.

34.         Next Meeting
The Committee noted that the date of the next scheduled Planning Committee meeting was 28th July 2020.



The Meeting Closed at 7:58pm.





Signed_______________________ (Chairman)              Dated_________________________