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Councillor Fran Treanor Mayor of Louth

Letter to the Community of Louth in Coronavirus Crisis

26th March 2020
Dear members of our community,
We write to you at a time that is unprecedented in the recent history not just of our town, but of our nation – a time that will help to shape how we understand ourselves for years, decades and (perhaps) centuries to come.  For many, we realise that the last couple of weeks have been disorienting, and times of anxiety.  There have been many examples of people giving selflessly of themselves and their time to the benefit of others.  There are stories of those whose actions have demonstrated ‘acts of thoughtful kindness that will help to get us through this thing’.  There are also stories, of some who (perhaps understandably at such a time of change and turbulence in our nation) have not acted so selflessly at a time when the whole community needs to come together for the good of all…
Councillor Fran Treanor Mayor of Louth     Rev'd Canon Nick Brown Rector of Louth