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Drugs & Alcohol Policy and Procedure Policy

Louth Town Council – Drugs and Alcohol Policy and Procedure Policy
Last review 25th January 2022, next review by April 2023


The Council, as your employer, has a duty to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety and welfare at work of all employees and similarly you have a responsibility to yourself and your colleagues.  The use of alcohol and drugs may impair the safe and efficient running of the business and/or the health and safety of employees.


The effects of alcohol and drugs can be numerous:

(These are examples only and not an exhaustive list).

a.   Absenteeism (e.g. unauthorised absence, lateness, excessive levels of sickness, etc.).

b.   Higher accident levels (e.g. at work, elsewhere, driving to and from work).

c.   Work performance (e.g. difficulty in concentrating, tasks taking more time, making mistakes, etc.).




The use of alcohol or illegal drugs in the workplace may lead to disciplinary action that could result in your dismissal. The following rules will apply:


a)       If you are found to be consuming alcohol or deemed to be under the influence of alcohol in the workplace or in your working hours this may be treated as gross misconduct under the Council’s disciplinary procedure.


b)      The possession of drugs for any reason other than medical is forbidden.


c)       We may ask you to undertake a medical examination or a random spot check if we believe you have a problem in relation to drugs and/or alcohol to assess if this is affecting your capability to work.  You may be suspended from work until the problem is resolved.  The Council will decide whether to treat it as a disciplinary matter.


d)      We will inform the police if we believe there has been an abuse of illicit drugs by an employee, for which criminal controls are appropriate, either in the workplace or when working on behalf of the Council when the employee is off the Council’s premises.