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All Things William Brown!

Heritage Open Day

A totally unique event was held earlier this week in the Old Court Room of Sessions House (Louth Town Council Offices) in celebration of Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days where Farwelter’d, the East Lincolnshire Dialect Society, read all things William Brown!

Brown, who painted the Panorama in 1844 (now housed in the Old Court Room) had not only been a painter, but a local journalist, and following input from the Louth Museum who provided copies of his original court case newspaper reports, and with the kind permission by Dr Richard Gurnham to read extracts from his wonderful book ‘People of the Panorama’, the two speakers, Geoff Wilson and Peter Mackinder from Farwelter’d entertained all those those present.

Geoff Wilson and Peter Mackinder from the Far Welter’d East Lincolnshire Dialect Society who entertained the audience.
Dr Richard Gurnham whose new book, ‘People of the Panorama’ featured.
Visitors take the opportunity to look at the original Panorama following the entertaining recitations by the Farwelter’d speakers.